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The threat to reproductive freedom and access to reproductive health services is very real. At all levels of government, a woman's basic right to make personal, private decisions about her body is under attack. From the White House to the State House, decisions are being made that take away your privacy, your rights and your freedom.

Together, we will empower Montana's pro-choice majority to protect the hard-won rights that belong to all Montanans. Reproduction is not just a matter of individual choice. Reproductive health policy affects the status of entire groups. It reflects which people are valued in our society; who is deemed worthy to bear children and capable of making decisions for themselves. Reproductive decisions are made within a social context, including inequalities of wealth and power. Reproductive freedom is a matter of social justice.

NARAL Pro-Choice Montana works to build communities in which every pregnancy is wanted, every child welcomed, every woman respected.

Help build Montana's pro-choice constituency by doing one or all of the following:

Join the Choice Action Network

The Choice Action Network (CAN) is NARAL Pro-Choice Montana's e-activist tool. CAN provides members with the most up-to-date tools to protect the freedom of choice in Montana and nationally.

Become a Member of NARAL Pro-Choice Montana

Support reproductive rights in Montana by becoming a member of NARAL Pro-Choice Montana. If you are already a member, support our work further with a generous contribution.

Volunteer with NARAL Pro-Choice Montana

Merely being pro-choice will not defeat a single anti-choice law, block a single anti-choice Supreme Court nominee, or enact a single protection for reproductive rights. As a grassroots organization, we rely on pro-choice Montanans to help us in our work to protect the freedom of choice in Montana. Join us as fight to protect our right to choose!

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