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Abortion Ban Backers Fail to Garner Public Support

Pro-Choice Organization Turns its Attention to 2012 General Election

HELENA, MT– NARAL Pro-Choice Montana, the political leader of the pro-choice movement, celebrated a pro-choice victory in Montana as anti-choice groups failed to collect the signatures necessary to get a "personhood” abortion ban, in the form of a constitutional amendment, on the ballot.

After a year-long organizing effort behind CI-108,anti-choice groups collected 23,512 total valid signatures, far short of the required 48,674 signatures.

This marks the third time that anti-choice activists failed to garner the support of Montana voters to put an abortion ban on the ballot.
"Once again, anti-choice activists showed themselves to be out of the mainstream on issues of reproductive health and privacy,” said Julianna Crowley, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Montana. "Montanans don't want to roll the dice when it comes to their constitutional rights or put the health and safety of the women in their lives in jeopardy—and that's exactly what this amendment would do.”

Supporters of this amendment intended to ban abortion in every circumstance and directly challenge Roe vs. Wade. But there are far reaching implications beyond just outlawing abortion, including bans on some forms of birth control, stem-cell research, and in vitro fertilization. CI-108 would have undermined medical decision-making for pregnant women and their doctors, dramatically altering Montana's Constitution and jeopardizing Montana's unique constitutional right to privacy.

Despite the continued failure of this initiative to pick up support by Montana voters, anti-choice legislators supported similar measures at the past three legislative sessions.

"The continued failure of this amendment should be a signal to elected officials in Montana that when they vote to eliminate women's privacy rights, they are voting against the values the vast majority of Montanans hold.” Continued Crowley,"Candidates who put divisive anti-choice political attacks ahead of women's health and safety will be held accountable this fall.”

Another anti-choice measure will be on the ballot, LR 120, a dangerous parental notification policy that would put the health and safety of our most vulnerable young women in jeopardy.

And, NARAL Pro-Choice Montana will continue to build on its electoral work in 2012. In 2008 during the last presidential election year, the leading pro-choice political group communicated with more than 35,000 pro-choice Montana voters. Out of seven top-tier races, six of NARAL Pro-ChoiceMontana's endorsed candidates won, giving the organization an 86 percent recordof success in its priority races.


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