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Find out more about pro-choice groups and organizations on the local, regional and national level.
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The Montana Reproductive Rights Coalition serves as a clearinghouse and catalyst for identifying threats to reproductive rights, and providing the resources to articulate the values of the pro-choice vision. With the help of the Montana Reproductive Rights Coalition, NARAL Pro-Choice Montana Foundation is poised to sustain our leadership in protecting the health of our families, the strength of our nation and the endurance of our most precious freedoms. The coalition works to galvanize Montanans around a pro-choice agenda and, by continuing to expand and solidify our relationships, we will strengthen our grassroots base and prepare growing numbers of individuals to take action to protect reproductive rights in all of its complexities.

Montana Reproductive Rights Coalition Members:

NARAL Pro-Choice Montana Foundation is a member group of Montana Shares. Montana Shares is a federation of 37 Montana-based non-profit organizations working to promote our state's human, cultural and natural resources. Members are working on issues concerning women and families, the environment, health and hunger, community arts and culture, animal welfare, social and economic justice and human rights. By focusing beyond symptoms and addressing the root causes of problems through education, prevention efforts, direct services and advocacy, our member agencies address issues which affect our state as a whole and our individual communities. If your workplace doesn't offer Montana Shares as a choice in your charitable giving campaign, ask for it and/or let us know and we'll help make it happen.
NARAL Pro-Choice Montana Foundation is a member of Montana Women Vote. Montana Women Vote is a coalition of nine organizations sharing a common goal of educating and mobilizing low-income women, many of whom have never voted, to participate in the democratic process. Member organizations address issues of economic self-sufficiency, domestic violence and sexual assault, the environment, and reproductive rights.
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